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Street Vendor

So, you’re walking around outside and you feel a little hungry. If you’re downtown, that certainly isn’t a problem. Hot dogs, roasted nuts, italian ice, lemonade, sausage and pretzels are for sale on almost every corner. If you’ve ever walked past the Park Street T station on Boston Common, you might have noticed the prominent […]

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Boston Common and the Visitors’ Center

On this episode, we’ll play tourist at the Boston Common Visitor’s Center. Boston Common is the nation’s oldest public park, and throughout the last 350 years, it has served many purposes. From grazing cows to civil rights marchers, the parks has seen visitors of all types. These days, many of those visitors head over to […]

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Today we’re going to take a trip to Haymarket, Boston’s weekly outdoor market. Where do you go if you want ten oranges for a dollar? What about a case of strawberries for five dollars? Or maybe you’re looking for something more exotic, like 5 loquats for a dollar? You’ll find all of these things at […]

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