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Volvo Ocean Race

Today I want to bring you down to Fan Pier to talk to the man in charge of Boston’s Volvo Ocean Race stopover. You’ve probably seen ads for the Volvo Ocean Race — or at least for the Puma boat or Puma City. Boston is the sixth stop of the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race, known […]

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Sidewalk Sam

This episode’s guest is a man who brings a lot of happiness to Boston: the artist known to everyone around here as Sidewalk Sam. “Sidewalk” — “Sam” seems to be his alter-ego’s last name — was trained as a fine artist at Boston College and Boston University. He then went to Paris to work at […]

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MIT Museum

Recently, I talked to a person whose job has him hanging out with robots, looking at holograms, and sifting through the “attic” of one of the most prestigious universities in the world. John Durrant is the director of the MIT Museum, a place tasked with taking all of MIT’s history and current research and boiling […]

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