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Spare Change News

For this episode, I took a good look at something many of us find ourselves pointedly avoiding: Spare Change News, a newspaper sold – and written – by Boston’s homeless. Of course, Spare Change News doesn’t just help the homeless; the vendors may have a place to live (and even a job). The paper is […]

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T.J. Scallywaggle’s

For this week’s show I went out for pizza — and came back with a meat-less, cheese-less pie that’s pretty close to the real thing. T.J. Scallywaggle’s Vegan House of Pizza & Subs sells all of the standard pizza-place “comfort foods” without many of the standard ingredients. I found the idea unusual (to say the […]

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Swan Boats

For this episode, I took a stroll in the Public Garden – and a ride on the Swan Boats. The Swan Boats have been around almost as long as the Public Garden has, and through four generations, the Paget family and their crews have paddled around the lagoon pushing people from all over the world […]

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