Bob the Evangelist

Bob the EvangelistThis guest is a landmark all by himself: Bob Westin — AKA “That guy downtown with the sign about the end of the world.”

I see him quite often during my day to day travel, and when I do, I always wonder who he is. Does he have a job? Does he have a home? Is he crazy?

I ran into Bob on the platform in the Park Street T Station where he was handing out his last few pamphlets before calling it a day. I had my recorder, so I walked up and asked him for an interview. He usually gets his dinner for free from the leftovers of a few of the Quincy Market food vendors, so I went over there with him for a conversation about his life.

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Reader Comments

Very interesting and honest. It is great to hear from someone so open and who takes life on so passionately.

The interview was great! I always wondered if the guy was crazy but apparently he is not and in turn is very focused on his mission.

Hi, as one who has worked with brother Bob for years, i can confirm that Bob is both sincere and honest, and that what – or rather Who – he testifies to is true. Praise God! Bob personally knocked every door in Lynn during the 80’s, mostly by himself, and was assistant chaplain in Worcester County House of Correction before being called by God, in a very evident manner, to work the streets mainly in Boston. And as Bob said, this is the Lord’s work and He provides as we seek to do His work and seek His righteousness, without going around seeking people for funds (and as a correction, Bob does not get leftovers from Quincy Market, but there are a couple Christian owners who invite him to eat anytime).

There are so many stories of the Lord’s leading (without “audibles”) and evident working, from daily door knocking and living in hard living quarters, to ministering in places from Woodstock 94 (“Mudstock”) to Florida to Maine that you could write a book (thank God).

For me, objectively speaking, there is no question of whether Jesus Christ is real is. He is, and we pray that every person will chose Him over sin and ask the Lord Jesus to save them, and know the life that He offers now and that which is for eternity! But we also warn that the opposite condition is very real as well. But Christ came to save sinners.

This was fantastic – a respectful and revealing interview. Very nice job, Adam.

I was really impressed by Adam’s attitude in the interview. You did a great job in being non-biased. Good job. I also appreciate Bob’s heart and ministry. God continue to bless you both.