Boston Pedicab

Boston PedicabOn today’s show I’ll talk to a driver — or I guess I should say rider — for Boston’s most unusual taxicab company, Boston Pedicab. I found my guest at the AltWheels Festival last weekend, where he sat among million-dollar hydrogen-powered cars and hi-tech hybrids on the simplest (and probably the greenest) vehicle at the show: a giant tricycle with a 3-person seat on the back.

Brogan Graham was one of the first riders for Boston Pedicab, a human-powered cab company that opened in 2005. His job is all about being anywhere on a moment’s notice, but he sat still for a few minutes at the festival to talk about what it’s like to pedal hundreds of pounds through Boston traffic for nothing but tips.

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You certainly find the best of the offbeat things around Boston. What a fun thing to be able to do when you visit the area! Thanks for finding another unique piece of Boston to share with us. Keep up the great work.

Another great interview.
A free cab, like buskers, pay what you feel like paying. Great!

Captivating story. Now I know where to look (here) for inside insights before my next visit to Boston. Brad Inman’s professional filmmakers at TurnHere should consult with you, Adam, and your blog + podcast before they do their next assignment in Boston>

This is what makes the internet great! I also do the same thing here in Europe. Most of the time it works out great. A quick story of my own. I pick up three young girls and told them that for 160dk or 32usd I would take them to the club they ask to go to. I had a deal with the club that allowed me to offer them line jump ,entry and free drink. They decide not to pay me. I just went to the bouncer and pointed out the offending girls. His response was OK then they will not be allow to enter the club. They saw the error of there ways and paid me!

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