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Christian Science Monitor

On this show I’ll take you to what may be the most respected newspaper in Boston. And no, it probably isn’t the one you just thought of. If someone asks you “Did you see the front page of the paper today?”, if you’re in Boston, your mind immediately goes to one of three places: the […]

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This time, I’m going to introduce you to the creator of an art installation, a street festival, a musical event, a tourist attraction, and a giant party that all happen at the same time throughout the summer and fall in Providence, Rhode Island: Waterfire. Waterfire started as a one-time event in 1994, but the residents […]

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Boston Pedicab

On today’s show I’ll talk to a driver — or I guess I should say rider — for Boston’s most unusual taxicab company, Boston Pedicab. I found my guest at the AltWheels Festival last weekend, where he sat among million-dollar hydrogen-powered cars and hi-tech hybrids on the simplest (and probably the greenest) vehicle at the […]

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