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Christian Science MonitorOn this show I’ll take you to what may be the most respected newspaper in Boston. And no, it probably isn’t the one you just thought of.

If someone asks you “Did you see the front page of the paper today?”, if you’re in Boston, your mind immediately goes to one of three places: the Globe, the Herald, and the Metro. But those three aren’t the only games in town. Right beside the beautiful reflecting pool next to the Prudential Center is another paper — one that reaches millions of people every day: The Christian Science Monitor.

If you’ve never read the Monitor, you’re missing out. Their stories are a great way to get a well-rounded idea of what’s going in in the world without reading a full-page article in the Globe or the New York Times. I visited the Monitor’s Offices recently and talked to their Managing Editor about this giant of the news business that’s right in the middle of Boston.

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Another very interesting piece. You certainly know how to find good people to interview. I never realized that the Monitor had a small print following. So many people I know get it.. I just assumed it had a larger circulation. The net certainly helps spread the right kind of messages through this source.
Thanks for letting us learn more about another Boston gem.

This was a great piece! I enjoyed listening and learning about this–sad to say that I was someone who had thought Christian Science stood for something religious, and was a bit worried of what I was listening to. I am now turned on to something new I would have previously dismissed pretty quickly. Thanks 🙂

For the past few years, our group of retired teachers have been meeting one night during the week to play cribbage, imbib a few cocktails and talk politics and religion. One member (I’ll call him Moe) is a stanch Rush Limbaugh man, quoting him text and verse. Myself (Larry) is a Keith Olbermann man and the third member of the group (Curley) listens to a blend of FOX, ABC and MSNBC pundits. Our discussions always ended with no resolution, frequently after heated debate. Consequently I received a subscription from my father-in-law to the CSM for Christmas. It was decided that our little group would, for the period of one month, not listen to the talking heads, but instead read the monitor and also US News and World Report. Our conversations have changed dramatically. We no longer have other people telling us what and how to believe but are able to form our “own” opinions and have meaningful dialogue as a result. Interestingly enough, we have all moved to a more centrist position in our feelings about on-going political happenings. Thanks to the Christian Science Monitor for reporting facts and not someone elses opinion. We are going on month two and enjoying the idea that we as educated men can form our own opinions and discuss them in a forum of civility and decorum.

Great interview. It was good to learn more about the monitor after so many years reading it occasionally.