Hahvahd Tour

Hahvahd TourOn this episode, I’ll talk to two Harvard students who are stirring things up on campus this summer with their unauthorized Hahvahd Tour. That’s H-A-H-V-A-H-D. “Hahvahd.”

Two weeks ago, I was walking through Harvard Square looking for topics for Boston Behind the Scenes when I came across a group gathering for a tour in “The Pit,” next to the entrance to the T station.

This unauthorized tour of Harvard has gotten a lot of attention, with stories in the Globe, the Herald, and of course the Harvard Crimson. I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about, so I waded into the crowd, took out my recorder, and spent an hour and a half learning quite a bit about Harvard.

Afterwards, I sat down with my two tour guides for a behind-the-scenes look at the Hahvahd Tour.

[UPDATE: The Hahvahd Tour is now Unofficial Tours presents Harvard University, and they’re still going strong in Harvard Square]

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Thanks for dropping by. I enjoy the series and I’d be glad to meet you at Podcamp, certainlty I’ll attend the “Quality Mobile Recording on the Cheap” session.

One of the kids says that LSD was invented at Harvard. Giving tours, evidently, does not a historian make. The Swiss invented it 30 years before the experiments at Harvard under Leary. For better or worse, Harvard doesn’t own that one. Charming fellows otherwise.

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