Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting the site. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay, and you’ll find me to be a good host. To reassure you that I am trying to do just that, here’s how I will treat you while you are here:

  • I won’t share your email address with anyone who could spam you without your permission. If you sign up for an email subscription, I do have to share your address with the company that delivers that subscrition. The service I use is run by FeedBurner and they are now owned by Google (here’s their privacy policy).

  • I won’t share any site-statistics information about you in a personally identifiable way without your permission. I do track visits to my site and RSS feeds using Google Analytics, StatCounter, and FeedBurner. StatCounter’s privacy policy is here, and the other two services are governed by the Google privacy policy.
  • I won’t share any information passed on to me by the PayPal donation box on this site without your permission. For the transaction itself, you will need to refer to PayPal’s privacy policy.

Things I will/may do:

  • Publish your comments submitted via the comment form on this website without making any undisclosed edits. I may remove something particularly foul or spammy from a comment, but I will be sure to say I have done so in a note on that comment. Comments that are entirely spam will not be published.
  • Share comments or other feedback (emails, voice communications, hand gestures, smoke signals, etc.) on this site or other sites. I will not include email addresses or full names in that context without your permission.

And last but not least, this site is hosted on‘s servers, so you may want to read their terms of service as well.