Samuel Adams Brewery Tour

Samuel Adams Brewery TourWe’ve got a new episode on tap that I just recorded this morning at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston’s Jamaica Plain.

Boston is home what could be considered the Boston Beer Company’s “research lab” brewery, where they develop the new beers you see from the Samuel Adams Brand. Most of the large-scale brewing is done in Ohio, but everything starts right here in Boston.

I wanted to learn about what it takes to brew fine beer in the city of Boston, so I went down to Jamaica Plain to get a tour from one Samuel Adams’ brewers.

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Reader Comments

That sounds like a great tour.

My husband & I do not drink alcohol however we do like the taste of beer and normally buy whatever non-alcoholic brew that is available (O’Douls, Labatts Blue, Molson Excel). We would very much like to see some of the Sam Adams beers in a non-alcoholic form so that we and all the other non-drinkers out there can enjoy them. We live in Canada however we shop in the US a lot and we can bring the non-alcoholic beer across the border without any problems. We would sure like to try some Sam Adams beers – any plans to make them non-alcoholic?

Bev Blake

I have just discovered you cherry wheat beer and I love it, however it is really hard to find. Any suggestions?

[…] day touring Boston, but nothing went right. Right off the bat we got lost on the subway between the Sam Adams brewery tour and the […]

it would be great if sam adams came in a non alcoholic brew for those of us that have stopped drinking alcoholic beverages for one reason or another & still long for the taste of sam adams

I wasn’t much of a beer drinker before I had sam Adams. Didn’t like the taste, Then I has sams. then I had there cherry wheat. Now I would call myself a fan of beer, though still not a big drinker. the kicker is Im now deployed in kuwait and the only beer we have is non alcoholic. So now I’m no longer a beer drinker. A NA sam adams would really brighten up the day for more then a few of us.

I would like to be informed when Sam Adams might be available in non-alcoholic form. have always drank Sam Admas beer but my pcp said I had to quit but non-alcoholic beer is not off limits.

Come on Sam Adams, you started with a small home crafted micro. How about throwing us a small batch of non alcoholic. Sam Adams is the best beer ever, but cant drink anymore…still crave the taste. I’ll be your test subject!!!!!!!!
We know you can do it!!

Please, please, please make a non-alcoholic version. My friend quit drinking and your Boston was his absolute FAVORITE. It would be such a great treat for someone who worked so hard to kick the habit. Thanks for your consideration.

Type your comment here. I like many others that do not drink would like to try Sam Adams in NA. I didn’t drink S. A. when younger but hear so many good things would like to try it. Let us non alcahol drinkers keep making (from what I hear) Sam Adams satisfying their customers.

Nedavno sam tražio nešto ovakvo… Svaka ?ast!

Love the Sam Adams Beer, But no longer can I enjoy a Few of the brews that I love. Is Sam Adams working on a Non-alcohol Beer?

I too would like to add to the chorus of those wishing for a Sam Adams N.A.

While I love the taste of your beer regular beer has just enough alcohol in it to give me a headache, think hang-over without getting drunk, while non-alcoholic beer doesn’t do that. Plus I never liked getting drunk in thew first place. I wish you would make non-alcoholic versions of your beers.