Sidewalk Sam

This episode’s guest is a man who brings a lot of happiness to Boston: the artist known to everyone around here as Sidewalk Sam.

“Sidewalk” — “Sam” seems to be his alter-ego’s last name — was trained as a fine artist at Boston College and Boston University. He then went to Paris to work at the Louvre Museum before returning Massachusetts have his work exhibited at the MFA and the Institute of Contemporary Art. Of course, this artistic pedigree lead directly to him giving it all up to draw chalk pictures for people to walk on.

It may not make sense if you haven’t met him, but it all comes together when you first experience his loving, friendly, and unreserved style.

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This is WONDERFUL! I have been involved in this “street painting” in Syracuse N.Y. It was such fun … all the different people with different backgrounds…and ages… The art festival is held each summer…. What a great way to spend a day…. aches and all.
Thanks for interviewing this very fine person….. I hope others will be inspired by Sam to go out and chalk up a storm…. and have a great time with all those who watch and work around them.
It’s good to hear you’re continuing doing this fun podcast. Boston is lucky to have someone like you that searches out the treasures all around the area and shares them with everyone through your podcasts