Street Vendor

Street VendorSo, you’re walking around outside and you feel a little hungry. If you’re downtown, that certainly isn’t a problem. Hot dogs, roasted nuts, italian ice, lemonade, sausage and pretzels are for sale on almost every corner.

If you’ve ever walked past the Park Street T station on Boston Common, you might have noticed the prominent fried dough cart that always has a prime spot right next to the entrance. If you haven’t seen the cart itself, you might have seen the big friendly guy who is usually behind cart greeting everyone with a smile. He certainly stood out to me, so I thought he’d be a great person to tell us about the art of street vending.

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It was nice to be able to put an identity on one of the street vendors. They have a tough job…it must be awful in the winter.. Yet you could tell he loves his profession. That puts a nice twist on a daily walk to work…it makes you want to stop and ask more questions.